Sunday, February 20, 2011

Rudolph Valentino Autographed Henry Waxman Photo

This is a fantastic example of a Valentino autographed photo. This particular autograph is personalized, which in the autograph world normally detracts from the value; however, when dealing with stars such as Valentino, Marilyn Monroe, and James Dean the personalization has little effect on the value due to the rarity of the star's signature.

Not only is this a great example of Valentino's signature but it is on a Henry Waxman thick stock studio print, which in this case increases the value even more.

As far as Valentino's autographed photos this would definitely be on the high end of one of the more valuable and desirable examples.

This photo was sent to me from one of faithful followers of the blog, Ana. Congratulations on acquiring such a fantastic piece! If you are a collector, or a fan, send me photos from your collection to post. Thanks again Ana!

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  1. I own an art gallery in Urbana, IL, and this afternoon a woman walked in with this same 9 x 12 photo of Valentino by Henry Waxman. Unfortunately it has a 3" tear at right center with tape residue, but it may be possible to have that repaired. The woman said it was signed by Valentino and sure enough there is a ghost signature at bottom right just below Waxman's name beneath the image. I will have to consult with a photo restorer to see if that signature can be resurrected or not. My question is what value would you assign to the photo if it can be restored by a professional? The owner will have to determine whether the photo would bring enough to warrant the fee to restore it.