Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Five Photos From The Son of the Sheik

The following are five photos from the film, The Son of the Sheik. When you watch this film, it is difficult to imagine only a few months after making this film he would dying of an ulcer and peritonitis. He appeared to be in the best physical shape of his life in this film, especially when you compare photos of him from The Sheik, just five years earlier, the difference is very evident. As a collector and fan it is often frustrating when these two films are confused for the other. You see this often in modern magazines or media outlets.

Being Valentino's last film, along with the fact this film was re-released there is a great deal of memorabilia available. The first photo I find very unique, unfortunately, I do not own this one. It is difficult to find rare or unique items from this film.


  1. I see this kind of mislabeling all the time, especially online. Drives me crazy too. I guess Valentino fans are sensitive people. Wonderful pictures. Do you collect only vintage photos?

  2. Oh no, I collect any and all photos. The first ones I bought was in Hollywood, when I was on vacation with my family. I prefer the vintage photos; however, they are so expensive. I am just as happy with the $5 copies to put in my photo album. I like unique photos that are rarely seen.

  3. I know, I just lost a couple of bids on some unusual vintage photos. I didn't bid too aggressively on them since I'm focusing my collecting in other areas at present. I will get to the photos soon, however and then I will hopefully find some good ones.