Tuesday, February 1, 2011

1923 French Cinea Magazine

This is a French magazine from 1923 called Cinea. It depicts Valentino on the cover from the film, "Blood and Sand." This is another example of an obscure foreign magazine. This is not a common item; but, would not likely be overpriced to obtain. I do not own this one myself, you get to a point as I have said in past posts, where you simply run out of wall space to display items. You either have to switch out items to be displayed, put them in a binder, or simply buy a larger house!


  1. Can't wait 'til I have that problem. American movie magazine with Valentino covers are in high demand lately. They are snatched up on ebay in no time. Any suggestions on where to find them? I'm crazy about 'em.

  2. Ebay is really still your best bet. I have one Motion Picture with him on the cover from The Son of the Sheik. I also have a couple of Movie Weekly's as well, other than that for U.S. magazines that's it. They are tough to find and when you do find them they go for $100-$300 a piece. Keep checking ebay they will show up, but again they often go high.