Sunday, September 30, 2012

The Sheik Promotional Card / Postcard

This is one of the reasons I really enjoy working on the blog. I get to meet and correspond with many of you and sometimes many of you will send me photos of some of your Rudy treasures. Often, these treasures I have never seen or come across before now. Dee has sent me a very unique item, which I call random items, it is a handout for the 1921 film, The Sheik. It is a colorized postcard sized promotional card from Australia, from the Globe Theater. The card itself is scented with Indasia, which was some sort of fragrance. There is a lot of cross promotions going on here: Valentino, The Sheik, Indasia, and the Globe Theater, not bad, actually pretty smart. Anyway, who know how many of these were produced, I think it is a great item, it has a lot going for it, it is colorized and scented! It is definitely another one of those must have items for the collection. Great find and thanks for sharing Dee!

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