Sunday, September 23, 2012

700th Post Rare Mexican Needle Book

This is my 700th post! I am posting an item with a great story. This is a rare 1920's or 1930's Mexican needle book. Valentino is one in a series of other stars. I am unsure how many different stars were in this series; however, I know of at least 4 others that included Chaplin, Lloyd, Navarro, and Talmadge. The front of the book reads: Obsequio de la reinera, which translates to Gift of Reinera. When I first started collecting back in the 90's my Mom found this for me and gave it to me as a gift. Back then, my biggest frame of reference for Valentino collectibles was black and white photos of Michael Back's collection from Jack Scagnetti's book, The Intimate Life of Rudolph Valentino. A few months later I was able to attend the 100th birthday celebration in Hollywood. I brought a few of my items, along with this needle book. There was a lunch for the members of the fan club back then. At the lunch was Michael Back! I was thrilled to meet him, I showed him the Mexican needle book. He was very interested in it and told me he did not have it in his collection and had not seen it before. He offered to buy it from me; but, I had no intention of selling it. I was elated that I owned something that Michael Back had not seen before. Since then this needle book has always been one of my favorite collectibles, and I do know that Michael owns one now. This is another example of another great, random collectible.


  1. Great post and congratulations on 700 postings for Rudolph Valentino. It's always fun to visit your blog to see what you will spotlight next. Thanks for what you do, and doing it well.


  2. Thank you so much, I appreciate it! I really enjoy working on the blog and sharing as many things as I can. I have learned a great deal from other collectors and fans, thanks again!