Thursday, June 14, 2012

Rare Photo from The Hooded Falcon

This is an extremely rare photo of Valentino from the unmade 1924 film, "The Hooded Falcon." This was to be the story of the Moor's. There were many reasons why this film never came to fruition, one of which was the overspending of Rudy and Natacha's trip overseas to obtain authentic antiques and clothing for the film. The studio could not afford what the Valentino's had in mind. Many look toward Natacha for her ridiculous demands and causing a riff with Rudy and June Mathis. It was rumored that Nita Naldi was to co-star in the film as well and was sent to Paris for costume fittings. There are only a few surviving photos of Valentino in costume, this is an extremely rare photo depicting Valentino in this role.


 Update: One of our loyal blog followers, Bob, has touched up the photo, I wanted to post it for everyone to see, thanks again Bob!


  1. Very holy looking. It's a shame that film never came to pass.

  2. I agree, I wonder if they ever filmed any footage of Valentino in costume, or simply just took photos?