Sunday, June 3, 2012

Artistic Photo from The Sheik

This is a great, framed photo of Valentino from the 1921 classic, "The Sheik." This photo was submitted from one of the blog's avid readers, Chris. I liked his description of the photo: "I found a picture of Rudy as The Shiek which I had framed in a second hand store frame and dulled brown with coffee. It looks awesome! Great idea, it turned out fantastic! For anyone out there you would like to share pieces of their collection, or maybe just their favorite photos or items, feel free to email me. I will post them for everyone to see. Thanks again Chris for your submission, keep them coming!


  1. It's the first time I see your blog and it's a great pleasure to get to know more about Valentino. I´m so happy to know he's still recognized and remembered, he really deserves it both as artist and person.
    I'm Brazilian and run a blog on silent films called Silent Beauties and my last post is about Rudolph Valentino with rare photos and stills from a couple of lost movies. Here's the link:
    Keep up the good work, buddy. I´m now a follower of this blog and it'll be great to keep on seeing your posts.

    1. Silentbeauties, thanks for stopping by and following the site. I checked out your blog as well, great site! It is great to see sites dedicated to the art of the silent cinema. Enjoy the site, as I will enjoy your!