Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Liebster Blog Award

So the Rudolph Valentino Collectibles Blog received the Liebster Blog Award. It is an award bloggers give to other bloggers. It is a great way to get great blogs recognized. Elisa from Elisa's Classic Film Blog,( nice enough to give out the award. Here is a bit more information about the award:
Some time (in the recent past), somewhere (rumor has it that it might be Germany), someone (I guessing he/she was named Liebster) decided to do something nice for a whole lot of bloggers and started the Liebster Blog Award.

It’s an award you receive, but it is also an award that you give. If you receive a Liebster Blog Award you are asked to choose 3 other bloggers and send them one as well.

Alright, I will play along. I know of three other blogs that deserve the award and all of your should check out, all of them, I believe I have mentioned before.

Hollywoodland a blog by "The Valentino Mystique" author Allan Ellenberger.

Old Hollywood in Color, depicting great vintage black and white Hollywood photos in color.

Claroscureaux, another great blog that depicts vintage black and white Hollywood photos in color.

I can't have a post without some type of Valentino item. I have attached a great photo of Valentino holding a trophy with Marion Davies.


  1. Congratulations to my favorite blog and blogger. Recognition well deserved. Cheers!

  2. Congrats. You earned it. BTW- I thought for 5 seconds that girl was young Joan Crawford. She came to Hollywoodas a dancer when Rudy was at his peak you know...

  3. That is Miss Marion Davies and I believe the occasion to be the Theatre Owner's Ball were she and Rudy were crowned King and Queen of the movies. It was held at the Astor Hotel New York, 1924.

  4. Thanks Ana! I was in too much of a hurry when listing this post. Thank you for catching the error!

  5. Nobody is more annoying than the error catcher. I'm a Rudy geek and I can't help myself sometimes. Thanks for not blocking my comments. (I'm not 100% sure that's the occasion of that photo, by the way). Please leave a flower for Rudy from me tomorrow..