Sunday, August 28, 2011

84th Rudolph Valentino Memorial Service

I attended the 84th Rudolph Valentino Memorial Service at Hollywood Forever Cemetery in Hollywood. The service included many guest speakers, a few songs, and a video of a Gloria Swanson interview from the 70's where she discussed Valentino. I really enjoyed getting to attend the service, to meet other Valentino fans and collectors and to visit Valentino's crypt.

Valentino's crypt was decorated with a bevy of red roses. There were two glass cases of Valentino collectibles. The main room where the service was held included photos of Valentino and a life-size wooden hand painted likeness of him. If was really fantastic to see such a large turn-out for someone who died 85 years ago.

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  1. I think it's wonderous that you had such a time. I'd imagian it was rather hot, but it is good to see the people came regardless. I love and have great respect for Swanson. She held Rudy in high regard and I'm glad they brought her into this. I'm very happy for you.