Friday, June 18, 2010

Rudolph Valentino Vintage Sheik Bust

Attention Valentino experts, we have a fan/collector that needs our help. Recently, I was contacted by someone who owns this fantastic Valentino Bust. It originally belonged to their Mother, they are looking for any information about this item. It measures 9" tall and about 5" wide. It used to have a small gold plaque on the bottom that read: 10-25-1926. My guess is that it is a one of a kind plaster piece that someone created; however, I am not certain of this. If anyone has seen this, has any information, or also owns one of these please post your comments or send me photos of the one you own. The owner would be grateful for any information you may have.


  1. Handsome blog! I have a Sheik Tent night light that belonged to a great aunt and was told it is from the RV silent film era in the 1920's. I am trying to find out more about its maker and value. If anyone knows, please contact me at I was unable to find it on ebay or ay RV sites. Thanks!

  2. Seretta, Thank you for visiting the blog. If you would like to send me a couple of photos of your item to my email, I can tell you if I know anything about your item. You can email at the profile link on the right side of the page. Thanks again for visiting the site!

  3. I am interested if anyone has seen this bust before? I am still looking for information on it...

    1. Hi
      Your bust if it is the one that said the mother owned it, was made by Lillie V O'ryan in 1926. I have one also and I just listed it on eBay.Mine has a partial paper label on the bottom. It says made to honor a great artist. Please look at mine on eBay. I can't figure out how to post this so I'll have to be anonymous. Best Regards Kathy O