Friday, March 19, 2010

Photos of Rudolph Valentino with other Celebrities

These are five photos of Valentino posing with other celebrities. The first photo depicts Valentino with legendary football coach, Knute Rockne.

This is a great candid photo of Valentino with actress Mae Murray laughing.
Valentino with Gloria Swanson as a large crowd is gathered around them.

This is a wonderful photo on Valentino dining with Heavyweight boxing champion Jack Dempsey and his wife. I found this photo to be especially interesting. This is Valentino with Douglas Fairbanks and Jackie Coogan. Valentino is dressed in an outfit he wore in the film Cobra from 1925. Jackie Coogan is dressed in a very similar costume he wore in The Kid from 1921. Coogan was 7 years old when he starred in The Kid. If this photo was taken from 1925, Coogan would have been 11 years old. This may have been a situation where the studio brought in various actors for studio portraits.

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