Monday, March 1, 2010

1930 Movie Album featuring Rudolph Valentino on the cover

This is a thick magazine from 1930. It is called The Movie Album published by Screen Secrets Magazine. The cover depicts Valentino, dedicated to the memory of him, four years after his death. This magazine only features movie stars from 1930, there is nothing inside the magazine about Valentino, just the cover. The cover price is $1, which was a fortune back in 1930. I have never come across this magazine before, this is the first one I have found.


  1. What would this publication be worth today?

  2. That is a good question, I am really unsure of the exact value. I found this at a local paper show, the value would depend on the rarity of the magazine. I have never seen this magazine before now; however, Valentino was on the cover of hundreds of magazines and newspapers. It is difficult to know how many of these magazines exist today, along with how much someone will pay for it. I would guess it to be valued anywhere from $50 to $100.