Monday, February 8, 2010

Personal Book from Valentino's Library

To continue with the last post of Valentino's personal belongings. This is a book that came from Valentino's personal library. It has Ex Libris Rudolph Valentino book plate on the inside cover. The book is titled, "The Military Costumes of Turkey," from 1818. Books from Valentino's library are quite rare and very valuable, you will see them online for sale from time to time, most of the time for a few thousand dollars.


  1. To own a book of his would be a dream come true...Any idea where one could inquire?

  2. These books will often show up on ebay and from time to time. They are not easy to come by and most of the time are priced in the thousands.

  3. I have a book which I purchased from the Cherie Starr estate auction on eBay some years ago. The bookplate says "Jimmy Starr ex libris Rudolph Valentino". The book is "Mind Your P's and Q's" by Jerome S. Meyer, 1927. Is this listed in the Valentino Estate Catalog?