Monday, February 15, 2010

Autographed Photo to Jean Acker

This is an awesome Autographed photo addressed to Valentino's first wife, Jean Acker. Even though he and Jean still have one of the shortest Hollywood marriages on record, they remained close friends throughout his life. The photo reads: "To my beloved wife Jean, May the light of love and happiness shine always with you, Rodolfo." Due to the fact this autographed photo is adressed to his first wife makes this photo even more valuable, it is definitely a one of a kind.


  1. I have an autographed picture of Rudolph Valentino, it is in fine condition, it is signed in black ink, bold excellent signature[he had excellent handwriting]slight crease in lower right corner.
    The only other example I have found is on E-Bay
    for $9,999.00 I am interested in selling this 8x10,it is sepia and a very nice facial expression.
    If you are interested in aquiring this rare photo please email me at
    Thank You C.A.N.

  2. Thank you for contacting me regarding your Valentino autographed photo. If you would like to send me a few images of the photo, I can look it over for you to let you know if it is authentic. There are many stamped signatures that look like real autographs. As far as purchasing it, I would love to; however, I do not have a few thousand dollars to spend on an autograph. As far as the $10,000 price tag on ebay, that is a bit on the high side. They normally range in the $1500 to $5000 range. There was an autographed photo that went at auction for $10,000; however, it was an autographed photo of Valentino before he started in the movie business, he also signed it Rodolfo Guglielmi, which is very rare.

    Anyway, I would be more than happy to look at an image to help you out, I can post an image of the blog as well; however, I do not use the blog as a classified section, I can say in the post that you are interested in selling the photo. Let me know, thanks for contacting me and good luck.


    1. Hi,
      First this...I really like your blog, already found a lot of information.
      A big fan of the early movies gave me for my birthday a signed picture of R. Valentino. I would like to find out whether the signature is real or a stamp (like most of them). Acoording to my friend the signature is real but I would like to be sure about it.
      Can anybody help me finding out the thruth ?
      Kind regards,

  3. I know someone who has a picture signed by Rudolph Valentino. I was wondering what it would be worth and if you could tell if it was a real signature piece?

  4. Unfortunately, the photo has a stamped signature. This was and still is a common practice for fan mail. Fans could send in 25 cents for a stamped photo, it came in an envelope from Rudolph Valentino. Click on Stamped Signature at the very bottom of the page, you will see the exact same stamp on different photos. The photo you have is an early one, it would still bring $50 to $100 to the right person. I hope that helps, good luck!

  5. j'ai un tableau (huile sur toile) d'une femme peinte par R. Valentino (alors qu'il était ami avec le célèbre peintre espagnol Beltran Masses ). je souhaiterai le vendre. Il ne s'agit absolument pas d'une copie mais bien d'un original - si vous êtes intéressé, merci de me contacter :

  6. I have two signed photographs of Rudolph Valentino which are in excellent condition. Not sure if these are original signatures or stamped as I am no expert - anyh idea on the value?

  7. Hi
    I have a very old autograph book from an old aunt with nothing of note except for a small rudolph valentino autograph written in green ink on pink paper,it appears to be stuck in.
    could this be genuine or do you think it is a stamp

  8. have a 8*10 autographed picture of valentino for sale,3000.00usd