Thursday, February 26, 2015

The Real Valentino by George S. Ullman

This is a rare and fairly difficult book to find, especially with the dust cover.  This is "The Real Valentino," by George S. Ullman from 1927.  I posted this book a long time ago; however, that post did not have a photo of the dust cover, this one does.  I went to post this book, did a Google search to find an image and found one for sale with the dust cover.  So, now of course that book is on it's way to me.  Another one for the collection! 


  1. I read that SGU only wrote one book. I think this is the British title and condensed version (100 less pages?) for Valentino As I Knew Him. I'm not positive but his memoir apparently was concocted by a fan who prefaced it. His 1975 death was very... Well, the Wikipedia page has been deleted from the internet. Very interesting indeed!