Monday, May 27, 2013

Russian Blood and Sand Movie Poster

I came across this poster on a rare Swedish Movie Poster site.  One of our readers, Karena tells me it's in Russian and I have to agree with her.  This is a poster from the 1922 film, Blood and Sand.  This poster appears to be all hand done and does not have information for Paramount Studios.  If this is a poster that was all hand done for a theater showing, it would be an interesting find.  I would think it would be difficult to attach a value to it since it is not a mass produced item.  I find it to be a wonderful piece!


  1. Brad,
    Czech/Slovak languages don't use a cyrillic alphabet. It is Russian, Rudolph Valentino is written across the top of the poster. I love your blog.
    Karena :)

  2. Karena,

    I originally thought that; however, was unsure. Thanks for the info and thanks for visiting the blog!