Thursday, August 23, 2012

Remembering Rudolph Valentino

Today marks the 86th anniversary of the death of Rudolph Valentino. He died on this day back in 1926. This is no new news to Valentino fans and collectors. I think it is strange to celebrate the day of someone's death, I look at it as a day or remembrance and reflection. Valentino has the longest running memorial service of any star in Hollywood. Today's will start, as it always has, at 12:10 Hollywood time, which is of course the time of his death. I am sure he would be amazed at the amount of followers and fans still exist today, 86 years later. The photo I am posting I found on a random website by an artist named Depo, it is a rendition of Valentino from The Young Rajah. Enjoy the day, watch a Valentino film, or buy yourself a new Valentino item.


  1. Valentino was a really good-natured person, who had to struggle against many stereotypes as an artist and as a person he had to adjust to a completely different country and lifestyle. The cultures weren't as mixed back then as today. And if nowadays there is much misunderstanding, let alone how things were almost 100 years ago.
    His great success was the best answer for those who didn't really believe his potential. In this point he was luckier than Ana May Wong, for instance, who didn't have a chance to shine beyond all those stereotypes.

  2. Great comments silentbeauties! Thank you for your contribution! It's hard to believe Valentino has been gone for 86 years!