Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Window Card Movie Poster from The Sheik

This is a rare version of a Window Card Movie Poster from the 1921 film, "The Sheik." This is a early, fantastic version of a movie poster from The Sheik. The art work, with the exception of The Sheik on the horse is not commonly seen on other advertisements for the film. A hard to find, valuable poster!


  1. Hello!
    I love this blog.

    You should see this video. It's The Eagle:


    The complete film.

  2. I have what I think is a rare movie poster or lobby card that has 4 movies on it The Eagle, The Sheik, Monsieur Beaucaire and Blood and Sand. It is stamped at the top with the stores name it was displayed in Universal Music Co. in Syracuse NY. it is in color and is in for its age excellent condition. the phone number from the music store is shown as Warren 6988-W I am trying to sell this piece and trying to find out its value. I've been told anywhere from 1000.00 to whatever someone will pay for it. if anyone has any thought please let me know. If I get anything over 1000.00 I will pay 10% to the person who can get it sold for me. my email is rivcon@earthlink.net thank you.