Saturday, May 7, 2011

Son of the Sheik Pressbook

This is a booklet, which by today's standards would most likely be a pressbook, this was called an Exhibitors Campaign Book. This is from the film, "The Son of the Sheik." The catalog was sent out to movie theaters to order various types of posters, lobby cards, and promotional material to promote the film. This appears to be from 1926, which would make this more unique and valuable due to the fact this film was re-released so many times. The front of the booklet reads, "The sequel to The Sheik." Most of the re-released material stated things such as "Valentino's Last Film," or "The Greatest Lover of the Silent Screen." This appears to have been sent out prior to Valentino's death. These are very collectible and difficult to find, it is fantastic to thumb through these to see a one sheet costs 25 cents or a set of lobby cards are 75 cents! I do not own this one myself, I have a similar item from The Eagle I listed a while back. This is a great piece!

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  1. I bid and lost on this one. Very interesting item.