Monday, July 26, 2010

The Life and Loves of Rudolph Valentino

This is a very rare booklet from 1926. It is entitled "The Life and Loves of Rudolph Valentino." This soft bound booklet is 30 pages long and has various photos of Valentino from his films. The back of each photo in the book reads, "Other side for framing purposes if you so desire." There are articles in the book from Dorothy Herzog, Edward J. Doherty, and C.F. Zittel. This appears to be a supplemental booklet produced by a magazine or newspaper. The article from C.F. Zittel is sited from "Zit's Weekly Newspaper." This is the only copy of this book I have ever come across. This book is extremely rare, and quite valuable.


  1. I just won a bid on this today. I actually set my alarm so I could put in a last minute bid. I knew about this item because I'd seen it mentioned as source material for books on Valentino before, and I really wanted a copy. Then of course I looked it up on this blog and learned that it is valuable and hard to come by, so I'm very pleased with myself for having scored it at such a good price. Hooray for me!!!

  2. I just found a copy & am trying to find out what it's worth. What's the "good price " that you paid for this in 2011?

  3. Hi Cynthia, I think I paid between $50-$100 for this book. It is a difficult book to find. Good luck!